Police: Islamic center property burned down in Netherlands (Video)


Ah, there’s nothing quite so refreshing as the smell of an Islamic Center burning down on a crisp winter morning.

I wonder if the Muslims burned their own building for the insurance money.

AD.NL via Google translate

In the former pool on the Multatulilaan in Culemborg raging Wednesday night a large fire. Around 21:00, the flames from the roof of the building where first pool was more established. The property was bought in April this year by the Association of Islamic community Culemborg to make a mosque. The prayer house is not located in the building.

An employee of the municipality of Culemborg suspects that the fire is lit, because the property is closed by gas and electricity. The chairman of the mosque board, Hassan Barzizaoua confirms that the old pool is closed. he can not think of any other cause.

Barzizaoua hopes it is not a targeted action, because…

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One thought on “Police: Islamic center property burned down in Netherlands (Video)

  1. artiewhitefox 12/28/2016 / 10:11 PM

    Muslims think destruction. They would be praising Allah had the gas place blew up burning down the place providing electricity to people. God is not happy about destruction. Lucifer who is Satan is enthralled with Destruction. Muslims have a skewed view of Satan taught to them by Satan calling himself Allah.


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