Black Women in Brazil See Racism in Black Men’s Preferences for Blonde White Women


An politically incorrect conversation about race took place last week on a Brazilian website. It deals with black males and white females who hook up.

I’ve pulled the comments out of the linked article. The rest of the article is worth reading for it’s ability to contextualize these comments in light of Brasil’s intermingling of African and European genes.

Racism isn’t supposed to exist in Brazil, but it does and a lot of it comes from blacks.

There also seems to be a belief that the white women are not so much mudsharks as they are gold diggers, going after wealthy black athletes.

Black Women of Brazil

Kurt Endel: Not even the black wants black; who is racist?

Nilza: When they are juveniles and juniors the players of the big (soccer) clubs receive only monthly support, they date maids, black girls, secretaries, after they become professionals and earn “rivers” of…

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