SWEDEN: 20 yr old Mohammed from Syria raped a 13 year old girl in a school toilet in Östersund. 

Remember The 14 Words

Translation –

Indictment: locked 13-year-old girl at the school toilet and raped her
DOMESTIC. An immigrant from Syria, which claims to be 20 years, locked into a 13 year old girl on a school toilet and raped her, according to the indictment submitted to Östersund District Court. When he was finished, he threatened the girl with beatings if she told anyone about what happened.

It was December 21, 2016 at Wargentinskolan in Östersund as 20-year-old pulled a 13 year old girl on a toilet and locked the door. Then he raped the girl both vaginally and anally, and also performed his fingers inside the girl’s genitals, according to the indictment.

The man accused of having forced the girl to sexual intercourse through violence. When 13-year-old pleaded with him to stop 20-year-old pushed her up against a wall, pulled off her clothes, bent her forward and held her hips, said the…

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