Disaster Could Send CNN into Oblivion

The Unveiled Feminist

A bombing or other deadly attack on CNN headquarters in Atlanta could send the much-derided fake news outlet into final and permanent oblivion.

While this writer knows of no specific threat to shoot up, bomb, firebomb, or otherwise destroy utterly, perhaps with a number of shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapons,  or the simple expedient of automatic rifle fire, the world headquarters of the “Pravda of the South”, hey, who knows?

If the attack hit CNN just as the transfer of power at the inauguration is underway, it would mean more than a simple ratings disaster. I mean, amid the “chaos” and “high theater” who would be the designated survivor? And would there be one? And would anyone care? Or notice?

Does anyone care right now who runs the fake news network?

We already have a good handful of them, from ABSleaze, to NBSleaze, to SeeBS to PeeBS. How many lying leftist scum…

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