2 thoughts on “Massachusetts Teacher Brutally Killed By Illegal Alien With Criminal Record

  1. veraserebrennikova 04/23/2017 / 8:40 PM

    How can say that letting illegal alien in is a great thing when our citizens are getting killed. Im sure that someone will say that is just one story, so what do we need more? Do we need more deaths before we wake up from this rainbow view of people. Here is something that I have said more than one time. I am a immigrant, and my family went thew the border after passing USA’s test. Those tests maybe too much to take, but they are there to protect us. There is a reason my family was able to come into the country, we passed them. We have clean records and we are law abiding citizens! I believe that people who are like my family and have noting to hide are able to some into that USA the right way. Those who don’t have something to hide and should not get to come in just because they want to. And those states that let them stay are to blame for the people like this teacher. A teacher who did nothing more than teach children. More likely than not she at one point of another make some child like he or she can do anything. That anything would be to protect the people of this country no matter what.


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