GreyEnigma: The End. Farewell. Thanks.

January 2018.

The Grey Enigma no longer exists. He is quite gone.

Rumor has it that he went through a conversion experience of sorts, and that he had changed his mind on several issues that once were nearly definitive to his psyche and presence.  He evidently came through the experience with such a spiritual and existential tear that he ceased to be.

Perhaps we all are better off.  He would suspect so.


2 thoughts on “GreyEnigma: The End. Farewell. Thanks.

  1. Brittius 01/28/2018 / 8:52 PM

    He’s not gone, he’s only one with the mist.
    (And I turn up my collar, and light a cigarette)


  2. site55978 05/12/2021 / 7:06 PM

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