Individualism, Collectivism and the Alt-Right


So Charlotte is burning. A black cop shot a black man with a gun and black people rioted, blocking the highway, destroying property, and hurting people. As of this writing, I do not believe anyone was gravely injured in the riots. At the heart of this is a very civil rights era American question, are we to judge an individual by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin? But what are we to say when character/behavior is dictated by the color of his skin? Is there a solution that will preserve individual judgment while taking account of the tribal nature of the riots? I believe there is. But it requires that we hold two ideas in our minds simultaneously.

These are deep questions which we will need to address in a coherent manner if the alt-right is to be taken seriously as a political force…

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The ‘Dehousing Paper’ – the Real Extermination Policy – How to Murder 25 Million Germans and get away with it

Historical Tribune

The British R.A.F. policy to murder at least a third of Germany’s civilian population and “Break their spirit” – manifested from the ‘Dehousing Paper’

On 30 March 1942, Professor Frederick LindemannBaron Cherwell, the British government’s Chief Scientific Adviser (appointed by Churchill), who wielded more influence than any other civilian adviser and was said to have “an almost pathological hatred for Germany, and an almost medieval desire for revenge” as part of his character – sent to the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a memorandum, which after it had been accepted by the Cabinet, became known as the ‘Dehousing Paper.’

The paper was delivered during a debate within the British government about the most effective use of the nation’s resources in waging war on Germany. Should the Royal Air Force (RAF) be reduced to allow more resources to go to the British Army and Royal…

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What Feminist Moms Do To Their Young Boys — The Tree Of Liberty Beckons Always

“My son’s depression doesn’t belong to me. I didn’t create it and I am not responsible for it.” They’ve been listening to me talk about consent, misogyny and rape culture since they were tweens. Meanwhile…

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Why the Trump vs Clinton Election is a Complete Sham

Stop White Genocide.


On one side: A billionaire accused of racism and xenophobia. On the other: A puppet completely sold to the world elite. And in the middle, voters who wonder why their democracy is forcing them to choose between two terrible options.

I am sometimes asked why I write mostly about popular culture when I could focus on “more important” issues such as the presidential election. The short answer? Presidential elections are not important. At the risk of sounding like an old cynic: The game is rigged. No matter who is in office, the same agenda moves forward, and that agenda is set by people who stay far away from anything resembling a democratic process. For this reason, presidential elections are nothing more than gigantic puppet shows intended for a gigantic audience. While the masses are dazzled by the puppets’ crazy antics, only a few pay attention to the actual puppet-masters. Whether it…

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The Enemies of Freedom, by Eric Peters

Maybe “they” attack us for reasons other than that: “They hate us for our freedoms.” From Eric Peters on a guest post at They’ve struck again. You know… the enemies of freedom (as they are styled, post-Chimp). In fact – and this is surefire NSA nacht und nebel stuff – they hate us for […]

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The crisis solution — Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

I haven’t posted anything edgy in a while. This entire thing is the dictionary definition of an invasion. Well, colonization too. They’re even bringing over weapons and doing military training while calling for a takeover of the Government, and the liberals would rather die than start a fight. I know it’s common for the same […]

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