Bridgeton, NJ police looking for missing juvenile

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Jessica Garcia-Cruz

BRIDGETON – City police are turning to the public for help locating a missing juvenile.

Jessica Garcia-Cruz, a 15-year-old Hispanic female described as 4 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 80 pounds, was last reported seen on June 28 on Colfax Street, according to police.

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Apparently the best way to stop a possible serial killer with a gun is a woman with a gun. Who knew?

Neoliberalism is a Conspiracy of the Rich

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Look into the subject with an open mind, and if you are like me, you will find that it is hard to come to any other conclusion – Neoliberalism is conspiracy instigated by the very rich, to favour the economic interests of the very rich against the interests of everyone else.

Since the late 1970’s the paid and unpaid agents of the super rich have spread idea that economies have to be broken down into a free market scenario that favours big corporations (the shares of which just so happen to be mainly owned by the rich). All elements of society that are not compatible with free markets come under threat – even when these things are actually very positive and productive.

  • Taxes are lowered* (in favour of the very rich)…(* lowering taxes is no bad thing as such, but it can only be done without…

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Ocean Heat: New Study Shows Climate Scientists Can Still Torture Data until the Data Confess

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Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

A week or so ago, a troll left a link at my blog (Thanks, David) to a supposed-to-be-alarming blog post about a new climate study of ocean heat content. According to the study, a revised method of tweaking ocean heat reconstructions has manufactured new warming so that the top 700 meters of the oceans are warming faster than predicted by climate models. In other words, the “missing heat” is missing no more.

The new paper is Cheng et al. (2015) Global Upper Ocean Heat Content Estimation: Recent Progress and the Remaining Challenges. (Not paywalled. A pre-print edition is available.) John Abraham, alarmist extraordinaire from SkepticalScience and The Guardian’s blog ClimateConsensus, was a coauthor. See Abraham’s post The oceans are warming faster than climate models predicted. Can anyone guess the goal of their study from the title of Abraham’s post?

While the stories…

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Swedens Tax Drain Statistics: Muslims are the core welfare exploiters in society

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Let’s visit the most breathlessly stupid country on earth once more: Sweden. Sweden’s powers-to-be has imported so many Muslims they have become Number One in the world per capita on basically every Muslim negatives conceivable: rape, assault, arson, violent crimes, robberies, attacks, immigration fraud, fraud in general and benefit and welfare handouts in particular.

The Swedish government seem strangely compelled to import one of the most aggressive and detrimental immigrants in the world. In Sweden “foreign born” mainly refer to Muslims, and the country’s largest immigrant group is around 80-90% Islamic. Needless to say, even Romanian gypsies would be a greater contribution to the country. The Swedish statistics on welfare recipients correlate quite well with similar statistics from Britain. Roughly on average 60-70% of the entire nations welfare payouts in Sweden appear to go to Muslims. Muslims make up 5% of the total population.

In Britain in 2012 75% of…

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Matt Taibbi: Sandra Bland Was Murdered

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Suicide or not, police are responsible for Sandra Bland’s death   

A Texas state trooper said Sandra Bland assaulted him with her elbows and feet during her arrest, after which she was found dead in a jail cell. (photo: Tom Pennington/Getty)A Texas state trooper said Sandra Bland assaulted him with her elbows and feet during her arrest, after which she was found dead in a jail cell. (photo: Tom Pennington/ Getty)   

ALSO SEE: Jail Where Sandra Bland Died Has History of State Rules Violations

By Matt Taibbi  Rolling Stone  July 25, 2015

o news broke yesterday that authorities in Waller County, Texas, have “full faith” that Sandra Bland committed suicide. They said there was “no evidence of a struggle” on the body of the 28-year-old African-American woman who was ludicrously jailed last week after an alleged lane change violation.

In related news, the Texas Department of Safety ruled that Brian Encina, the officer who arrested Bland, pulled her from her car, and threatened her with a Taser, had merely violated the state’s “

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Here’s a list of companies that donated to Planned Parenthood.

Granted some would be impossible to boycott as they may be too tightly woven into our lives but the ones I am particularly annoyed with are the charities like …..

…. the American Cancer Society…
…. the March of Dimes …..
…. and the United Way.

People donate to them and then THEY donate that money to Planned Parenthood?

What the fucking fuck?!?!?!?!?!?!

If I give to the American Cancer Society I want all my money to stay in the American Cancer Society to look for cures to cancer. NOT to despicable assholes that advertise their abortions and then sell baby parts from those aborted fetuses.

The entire list is at the link.

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