Supreme Court Won’t Hear Lawsuit Challenging Death Panels in Obamacare

The Extent To Which We’re All Being Manipulated By Google Is Frightening

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…The FTC, in 2012, ignored the recommendations of its own staffers, which accused Google of abusive trade practices for burying competitors in their search results and recommended a lawsuit.

Instead, the FTC dropped its inquiry. Google enjoys 67 percent market share, 83 percent in mobile. No biggie, declared the FTC.

And let’s not forget their hand in net neutrality. Google lobbyists have been pushing for the regulations, especially the “Title II” provision which, according to the article, will benefit Google. Of course, Obama backed the plan and FCC chair, Tom Wheeler, who didn’t originally back it, had to make a quick reversal to please his people.

Then, voila!

Right before the FCC report was due, but before it was made public, the FCC pulled another odd reversal, removing 15 pages of policy Google apparently found out about but didn’t like.

So weird how that works! (NOT.)

And guess what…

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Norm Rogers on the power of fear, the glue of mass movements like environmentalism

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Norm Rogers, a very smart and insightful man, focused on the climate debate and other pubic policy problems. Here he revives the legacy of Pareto and his ideas on dynamics in society.

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18 Month Old Toddler … Accused of being a racist

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You know folks, I’ve really gotten tired of the “racism” claims made every time some one disagrees with a person of color. I mean it’s gotten to the point of being absolutely ridiculous. Check out this piece where a Democrat Indiana lawmaker accuses an 18 month (yes, that’s 18 month) old toddler of being a racist …


Indiana Democrat Accuses GOP’s 18-Month-Old Son Of Being A Racist

An Indiana lawmaker has accused another lawmaker’s 18-month-old son of being a racist.

On the floor of the state General Assembly, Democratic Rep. Vanessa Summers said the toddler, the son of Republican Rep. Jud McMillin, is afraid of her because she’s black.

It was during a rather heated debate over the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” when Summers rose to the podium and made the groan-inducing comment.

“I have told Representative McMillin I love his little son…

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Nova reminds the clowns that they are still burdened with the 97% claim

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We know the data torturing required to get to 97% consensus on warming among the so0called experts.

Don’t we?

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Pedophilia Is Not a Crime, Says Rutgers Prof Margo Kaplan

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This is the kind of crazy you can’t fix. This is also the kind of thinking that has our legal system all screwed up.


Since you say there are so many misconceptions, why don’t you tell us what a pedophile really is.

A person with an intense and recurrent sexual attraction to prepubescent children, children who have not yet entered any form of puberty. And according to the DSM [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders], it constitutes a mental disorder when you act on it, but not just that. It also constitutes a mental disorder if it causes “marked distress or interpersonal difficulty,” and, as you can imagine, pedophilia will cause this.

In your article, you open by saying that as a pedophile’s numerical age increases into teenage years and then adulthood, the numerical age of those he is attracted to does not. Are most pedophiles really starting that…

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The Climate Inquisition Continues

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Academics have been trying to silence climate heretic Bill Gray for a long time.

ScreenHunter_8154 Mar. 27 10.10

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