Utah Fusion Center Warns Cops: Watch Out for Don’t-Tread-on-Me Flags


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He Has It In For You


Little big O hates America and Americans.  He loves his brother Islamists and the terror they bring.  So, he’s looking for more ways to vilify decent citizens of the greatest country on earth, which doesn’t need his kind of hoax and chains.


10264644_10202383596049088_157578180_nI notice the article has a pic of the Murrah building in OKC, so apparently whoever inserted that thinks a guy that went to the Philipines and took bomb-making lessons from al Qaeda operatives is representative of the average citizen.  Right.

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Government Incompetence Update: TSA Cannot Verify Employees’ Criminal Histories

If You're Left

Government oversight officials informed Congress on Wednesday that the Transportation Security Administration continues to operate in disarray, failing to record basic security details for thousands of employees and not tracking official IDs and badges that allow access to the most sensitive areas of an airport.

Lawmakers described the security agency as operating “in chaos” and expressed frustration with Obama administration officials as they informed the House Oversight Committee about a range of security shortfalls that continue to endanger the nation’s 450 commercial airports.

TSA’s inability to properly screen and track employees has been well documented for years. However, the administration has failed to enact multiple reforms aimed at tightening security and making it more efficient, lawmakers said.

TSA still cannot verify their employees’ criminal histories and immigration statuses, according to made by the Department of Homeland Security inspector general.

“Even 15 years” since the 9/11 terror attacks, “we still see…

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NYPD: 2 Officers Shot In Melrose Houses In The Bronx « CBS New York

Two NYPD officers were shot Thursday night in the Melrose Houses development in the Bronx.  One of the officers is in critical condition.The public housing development is located between Cortlandt and Morris avenues and between 153rd and 156th streets.Further details were not immediately available… Source: 2 Officers Shot

Insight – White Girls Black Dolls: Destroying White Bias

Smash Cultural Marxism

Excellent work by everybody at Red Ice Creations.


Lana provides an alternative view to the Kenneth Clark’s 1940s doll study and provides the historical background that connects the American Civil Rights Movement, Communism and the Frankfurt School. After Hitler, Jewish intellectuals pushed critical theory as a means to destroy Western Civilization and “potential fascists.” We’ll fast forward to today and see these ideas in action, ultimately seeking the total obliteration of White people. White girls loving White dolls is racism but Black girls loving Black dolls is self love?

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Why Is Obama Flooding Small Towns In The Most Conservative Parts Of America With Refugees?


Source: The Economic Collapse Blog, by Michael Snyder

Why are small towns in conservative states being specifically targeted for refugee resettlement?  Of course the Obama administration will never publicly admit that this is happening, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is going on.  Just look at the uproar that refugee resettlement is now causing in small communities in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Kansas.  The Obama administration has deemed large cities such as Washington D.C. to be “too expensive” for the refugees, and so large numbers of them are being dispersed throughout smaller communities all over the nation.  If you drop a few hundred refugees into a major city of several million people, it isn’t going to make much of a difference.  But if you drop a few hundred refugees into a small town that has only a few thousand people living there…

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Lavoy Finicum, The FBI, and Why You’re Missing the Point


Here is the link to the podcast it’s also available through any podcast app under “the unallowable opinion” http://theunallowableopinion.libsyn.com/lavoy-finicum-the-fbi-and-the-big-point-that-youre-missing  And feel free to go over and like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheUnallowableOpinion/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Lavoy Finicum, The FBI, and Why You’re Missing the Point

Throughout the past month we have heard news here and there about the “standoff” in Burns, Oregon.  I’m not going to get into the specific reasons why the group was there, to sum it up, it was a protest against unconstitutional federal government power.  As part of their protest, the group occupied an empty federal building and aired their grievances.  This last week we all read and heard about the “shootout” between the FBI and a small group of the protestors.  There are a couple of things we need to clarify about this confrontation.  First off, it wasn’t a shootout.  In order to have a shootout, you must have two…

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