Massachusetts Teacher Brutally Killed By Illegal Alien With Criminal Record

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sandra hehir Sandra Hehir: Killed by an illegal alien

Another story for the illegal-alien-supporting media to ignore.

From Illegal Alien Crime Report: (WORCESTER, MA: The Boston Globe) – A man is being held without bail Monday over allegations that he killed a a 49-year-old Worcester woman who worked in that city’s public school system.

The body of Sandra Hehir was found in her Congress Street apartment Feb. 5, and authorities later said she had been strangled.

Jose Melendez, 54, of Worcester, is charged with her murder, and the Worcester district attorney’s office said DNA recovered from the crime scene had connected him to the case.

Melendez, who also uses the names Alvarado and Segura, had been arrested last week on a warrant out of Lynn. He had defaulted on probation in a 2014 breaking and entering case, prosecutors said. He also faces charges in two Worcester drug cases for…

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Idaho refugee contractor: Refugees pay taxes!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Who are you trying to kid?

Message to the head of the local resettlement agency in Twin Falls, Idaho: It is not a good idea to start putting out information about a refugee’s tax liability that can be easily checked!

70% of the workers at Idaho dairy factories are immigrants, many illegal, however refugee labor is being employed not just at Chobani Yogurt in Twin Falls, but at the milk production end as well.

Zeze Rwasama spoke earlier this monthto the Pocotello Rotary Club and made the claim that refugees are not getting much in the way of taxpayer support:

“Resettlement in the U.S. in not for them to become a burden to our public assistance,” Rwasama said. “Yes, we help them for only eight months. After that, they become taxpayers as well. That means we can help more. … A single refugee brought in 2014 working in…

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Italy: Leftist council plans to hire asylum seekers to escort children to school

Remember The 14 Words

This is a story so crazy that’s it’s hard to believe. But it appears to be true. In the north Italian town of Arcore, in Lombardy, the leftist council is planning to start a school bus service called Pedibus. They intend to hire asylum seekers to “escort” the children to school.
There is a new conflict between the centre-right and centre-left about the hiring of some asylym seekers, who are housed in Arcore, as helpers on the Pedibus.

Raising their voice again are Forza Italia, Lega Nord and Fratelli d’Italia who have already tonight published on Facebook (and from tomorrow morning, Wednesday, on various empty billboards in the town) a shock poster against the possibility of hiring refugees in this project. The poster reads: “In Arcore, to school with the stranger? No thanks” and which has, in the background, an image of a man “of colour” embracing a child.

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NYC: Manhattan DA doles out $10.3M for a single program in the ‘hood. More welfare, more destroyed families, less responsibility…You get what you reward, idiot.

More welfare in the ‘hood: Reason there is a problem in 1st Pl is we allow the State to supplant fathers & families. This will backfire too

Investment??  Where the hell did the Manhattan DA get 103M to dole out at his whim? Whose money is this??

Manhattan District Attorney’s Criminal Justice Investment Initiative has awarded a $10.3M  grant to Alwyn T. Cohall, MD, co-leader of an interdisciplinary team of investigators and community partners, professor of Sociomedical Sciences and Population and Family Health at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, and director of the Harlem Health Promotion Center…  to create a Youth Opportunity Hub in Northern Manhattan“This investment will go a long way in helping us expand our efforts in support of at-risk youth and their families in the underserved neighborhoods where the Mailman School of Public Health is located. Through Dr. Alwyn Cohall’s leadership, we will continue to serve and further our programs for local teens, young adults, and their families and succeed in achieving healthier communities for all