What does your pet reveal about YOU? Dog owners are hard-working and sociable while cat lovers are messy and lazy

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.Research has found dogs are the most popular pets for animals lovers
.Married men living in the countryside are most likely to own a dog
.While single women in their twenties are most likely to own a cat
.More than half of dog owners describe themselves as hardworking
.Whereas the majority of cat owners claim to be introverted and messy
.Rabbit owners described themselves as creative, laid back scatterbrains

ByVictoria Woollaston

In the war of the pets, dogs have won the latest battle – or at least their owners have.

Research discovered not only are dogs the most popular animal of choice to have in the home – dog owners are hardworking early risers, and most likely to be married.

Meanwhile cat owners are shy, single and messy, and people who own rabbits are more likely to be creative, laid back scatterbrains…


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This Dog Can Send You to Jail | Reason.com

“… He asked me would I mind if he searched my vehicle, and I said, ‘Well, yes, I would mind if you searched my vehicle.’ ”

But thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, the deputy did not have to take no for an answer. In the 2005 case Illinois v. Caballes, the Court declared that “the use of a well-trained narcotics-detection dog…during a lawful traffic stop generally does not implicate legitimate privacy interests.” So the deputy was free to walk his dog around Burns’ truck. “He got out with this dog and went around the car, two or three times,” Burns says. “He came back and said the dog had ‘passively alerted’ on my vehicle.”  via This Dog Can Send You to Jail – Reason.com.

Sixth Circuit Rules That Pinging a Cell Phone to Determine Its Location is Not a 4th Amendment “Search” | Volokh

The decision handed down this morning is United States v. Skinner, and it was 2-1 on the Fourth Amendment merits. The defendant used a pre-paid cell phone obtained by providing false identity information (also known as a “burner“) to communicate with co-conspirators as he brought a motor home filled with marijuana from Arizona from Tennessee. Agents learned the cell phone number that the defendant was using and obtained a court order requiring the cell phone company to disclose location information of the phone to the agents. The government used the location information to track the car for three days, eventually catching up to the car ata rest stop in Texas. Local police brought out a dog to sniff for marijuana; the dog alerted for the presence of drugs inside; and the search of the car revealed 1,100 pounds of marijuana inside. Continue reading