NJ Transit Ushers in Cashless Society with Google Wallet App for Smartphone | Activist Post

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Yet, while one may feel hesitant to criticize any technology that presents a more convenient mode of travel, or otherwise makes life easier for the average person, the fact is that this new cell phone app is much more than a natural progression meant to benefit humanity. Indeed, it is just another blatant move toward a centralized cashless society.

Of course, years ago, a statement like this would have frightened people. At the very least, it would have made them think twice about the way they shopped or the way they paid for merchandise. In 2011, however, after generations of Americans have been raised to view privacy as outdated and prudish, the idea of a cashless society apparently doesn’t seem so scary. In fact, to many, it actually sounds like a good idea.It is an unfortunate fact that, to the vast majority, the downside of going cashless will likely never occur to them until it is too late. A product of constant exposure to television and a systematic dumbing-down of each generation’s education has produced a population who will no doubt be drawn to the new smartphones cashless system as the proverbial moth is drawn to the flame – and with similar results.

Obviously, in a society whose citizens are able to carry and make transactions with cash, there is still some semblance of anonymity available to them. There is still the opportunity to purchase staples such as food and water via third parties if necessary even if a system of exclusivity were to be introduced and certain people were prohibited from making purchases directly.

In a cashless system, however, an enormous amount of trust is placed in the hands of the government agencies, banks, and corporations that would then control the money for the “convenience” of the unwitting soul who has sacrificed his own personal responsibility and control for the luxury of his convenience. If even one of these institutions decide, for whatever reason, that the account of the user should be frozen, disconnected, or discontinued, the ability to purchase the basic necessities will disappear. That is, it will disappear if there is no longer the option of cash