The Silent Soldier

dMarch 5, 2015

We The People:

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

According to a segment on “The Kelly File,” last evening, Megan Kelly dropped a bombshell on Hillary Clinton’s secret Email account.

imagesInvestigations are underway. 

If she is found to have kept government data on her own servers at her home in Chappaqua, NY she could be guilty of a felony that includes up to a three year prison sentence and no longer be able to hold any office in the United States of America under federal law.

hdr22It’s time for Hillary to behoisted on her own petard, she’s an elitist who believes the law doesn’t apply to her, but only the cake eaters in her, ‘It Takes a Village” delusion.

@ Megan Kelly.us

Under federal law … letters and emails written and received by federal officials, such as the secretary of state…

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Why you need an offshore email account | SovereignMan.com

Below I provide a links to a few offshore email providers whose servers are located overseas. With a properly configured account, you can switch to an offshore provider and still keep your existing email address:

Remember, using these providers decreases the likelihood of your email account being confiscated or deactivated by your home government– offshore email hosting does not guarantee privacy or security unless you use encryption schemes …”  via Why you need an offshore email account

Set Up Free Email Encryption In 15 Minutes | How to Vanish

A lot of people think email encryption is an awesome idea. But very few of them ever do it. Emails travel around the internet in plain text. Anybody routing the traffic can easily read the entire content of your emails like a letter carrier can read a post card. When it is legal to secretly read your emails without a warrant and it is legal to detain you indefinitely without charges, more people than ever might be motivated to start encrypting some of their emails….

Free email encryption is one of the best ways to get a lot more privacy for very little effort.  It will keep warrantless snoops from invading your private life. Massive surveillance of private messages will be much more difficult when private emails are encrypted. It is easier, less cumbersome, and less time consuming than most people probably realize…

via Set Up Free Email Encryption In 15 Minutes.