Iran lawmakers prepare to close Hormuz Strait | RT

Iranian lawmakers have drafted a bill that would close the Strait of Hormuz for oil tankers heading to countries supporting current economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

­“There is a bill prepared in the National Security and Foreign Policy committee of Parliament that stresses the blocking of oil tanker traffic carrying oil to countries that have sanctioned Iran,” Iranian MP Ibrahim Agha-Mohammadi told reporters.  “This bill has been developed as an answer to the European Union’s oil sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. ” via RT

Thousands of US troops deploying to Israel |

“Without much media attention, thousands of American troops are being deployed to Israel, and Iranian officials believe that this is the latest and most blatant warning that the US will soon be attacking Tehran…”

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Rumored military strike on Iran nuclear facilities | Various sources

Report: U.K. preparing for military strike on Iran nuclear facilities – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News. The Guardian newspaper says U.K. increasingly concerned over Iran’s enrichment program, and is preparing to deploy warships to assist a possible U.S. strike.

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