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Clutter has a habit of wreaking havoc on our lives.

I know because I used to be the biggest pack rat. I come by it honestly because both my parents were pack rats. It drove my husband nuts for years, because as an ex-Marine, he knows there is a place for everything – even if that place is the garbage…

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Not Even Your Backyard is Safe From . . .Them | Eric Peters

Robert Biel, 57, of Brevard County, Florida, is going to spend the next year in prison. He must have done something pretty bad, right? Beat someone up, maybe? Steal a car? Er… shoplift a six pack? No, something far worse – in the eyes of our protectors in government:

He kept a bunch of old cars in his yard.

His yard. Not someone else’s. His – you know, the land he gets to pay endless rent to the government for as a condition of the perpetuation of the fiction that he’s the owner. Except of course, he’s not – and this business about sending him to the clink for a year proves it. Continue reading