Why I Prepare by Valerie | MSO

Why do I prep for the uncertainty that looms before us? I’ve never really answered that question outside of my family. No one really knows what I do. Not because I’m ashamed or worried about what they’ll think of me, but because I don’t want to have to turn away friends who want the food I stored for my kids because their kids are hungry. If they don’t know, they won’t come to me. And that’s harsh, I know, but hey, to borrow from a previous winner, sorry, friends, go die somewhere else. Continue reading

What Is Prepping?

At its heart, prepping is simply preparing for the future.  And since there is no certainty of what that future may bring, preppers frequently hope for the best yet prepare for the worse. And with good reason, many preppers feel that we are on the verge of a significant change in life as we know it.

So they prepare…

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