Obama Approval At 39%? | Grey Enigma Rant re: Gallup

via Gallup, via YouViewed/Editorial blog

Readers of this blog will know I don’t go in much for the delusion that the particular sociopaths in power in D.C. make a difference.  Really, how much better off would YOU be if the thugs in the red shirts had won the last election?

Still, I am amazed at this Gallup poll that states that if I had 100 people in a room, 39 of them would think Obama is doing a a good job.   Maybe all those sanguine drones move in different social circles than me, but I would be hard pressed to name a handful … let alone 4 out of every 10 folks I know… that have the Goebbels “O” sticker on their carbon-efficient cars, or bike helmets.

More disturbing is the chance that 39% of all folks in the Gallup survey are so profoundly disoriented, but that is another screed …  GE.

Rasmussen | Daily Presidential Tracking Poll for November 30, 2011

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