The Battle for Grozny, Timothy L. Thomas |

The Battle for Grozny, 31 December 1994 thru 8 February 1995

by Timothy L. Thomas

The Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation is located in the federation’s southwestern corner near the Caspian Sea.  It covers approximately 6,500 square miles, measuring nearly 100 miles by 70 miles at its widest points. Several terrain features dominate the republic. In the north, there is a plain that runs nearly 35-40 miles until it empties into the center of Chechnya where Grozny is located.  The foothills begin south of Grozny and run close to 20 miles until they merge into the Caucasus Mountains in the south.  Elevations in Chechnya range from 200 feet in the northern plains to 12,000 feet in the mountains.  The republic has one major river, the Terek, which runs west to east across the plains in the north of Chechnya …. go here via Combat Studies Institute.