Why you need an offshore email account | SovereignMan.com

Below I provide a links to a few offshore email providers whose servers are located overseas. With a properly configured account, you can switch to an offshore provider and still keep your existing email address:

Remember, using these providers decreases the likelihood of your email account being confiscated or deactivated by your home government– offshore email hosting does not guarantee privacy or security unless you use encryption schemes …”  via Why you need an offshore email account

The Canary Is Dying of Asphyxiation | SHTFPlan

What is happening in Greece right now has already begun in the USA. We’re a much bigger canary, though, so it is going to take a while longer for the toxic fumes to kill us. But make no mistake, like Greece, the United States is just as volatile. The canary is chirping vigorously. The problem is that the majority of those in the coal mine have misinterpreted what the canary’s chirping really means. Rather than evacuating, they are joining the canary in song and dance – ignorantly awaiting their own demise.

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