“Children of War” Photo Series Tells Stories of Youth in Wartime Ukraine

Rise Up Times

 “I don’t understand politics. I only know that just recently, we all went together to the sea, swam and rode on a boat. Now all this will never happen again. Ever.”   

By Roger Annis   Truthout.org | News Analysis January 18, 2015  


Over the past several months, the thrice-weekly Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta stories about children in the war zone of eastern Ukraine. There are three more reports to come, said the series creator, Yan Shenkman, a journalist in Moscow and a contributor to Novaya Gazeta, in an email.

“The idea of our project is quite simple – we take pictures of children affected by the conflict in Ukraine, and tell their stories. No analysis, no political showdown, only their stories. Monologues, for the most part,” Shenkman told Truthout.

“The idea came from a friend, a writer and political activist Maxim Gromov. He had already worked…

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