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NYC: 92% of Violent Crime committed by Non-Whites

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Nonwhites commit 92 percent of all violent crime in New York City, and are responsible for 98 percent of all shootings, 91 percent of all firearm arrests, 88 percent of all drug arrests, 84 percent of all stolen property arrests, and 88 percent of all misdemeanor sexual offenses, the city’s police department has reported.


These figures are contained in the New York City Police Department’s latest “Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City” report, which covers the dates January 1 to December 31, 2014. It can be found on the New York Government website here (PDF).

New York City Police Department

The nonwhite crime figures revealed that the metropolis is staggering under a near war zone, with some 40 murders taking place during the month of December alone.

New York City Police Department

According to the NYPD report, nonwhites committed 94 percent of all murders, 91 percent of all rapes, 94 percent of all robberies, and 91 percent of…

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NYC: Police searching for 12-year-old boy missing for days in the Bronx

NYC:  Police Identify Suspect In Kips Bay Housing Development Rape Attempt

Police identified a suspect Friday in the attempted rape a woman in a public housing building in Kips Bay.

Around noon on Thanksgiving Day, the man forced the 48-year-old woman into the 17th floor stairwell in the Strauss Houses building at 344 E. 28th St., police said. The man forced the woman to perform a sexual act and then attempted to rape her, police said.  The victim resisted, and the suspect grabbed the woman’s handbag and ran down the stairwell, police said.

The victim chased the man to the lobby, and got her handbag back with the help of a male witness, police said.  The suspect fled into an elevator in the lobby, police said. The victim was rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center, where she was treated and released, police said.

Police identified the suspect in the incident as Dominique Frazier, 31.

Source: Police Identify Suspect In Kips Bay Housing Development Rape Attempt

Italian police seize 800 shotguns en route from Turkey to Belgium

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Published on Nov 27, 2015

Footage released on Thursday shows police in the northern Italian city of Trieste seizing a shipment of nearly 800 shotguns en route from Turkey to Belgium.

Awww, They foiled the next big Islamic Terrorist attack in Berlin that would have killed around 3000 people :(
Those damn Italians.. Getting in the way of Jihad !!!
What the heck would have happened if the guns got through? What do you need 800 shotguns for!?
Oh Turkey, you silly terrorist state.
I think Europe and Russia needs to grill turkey. They are sponsoring the islamisation of Europe and and islamic extremism.
erdogan is an evil man

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Man Charged In Slaying Of 9-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee; McCarthy Vows To ‘Destroy’ Gangs Involved

“This is a crime that shook our city, and quite frankly as I talked about it, it was an act of barbarism; the assassination of a 9-year-old child as a gang retaliation to get back at his father,” Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Friday morning…”

Source: Man Charged In Slaying Of 9-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee; McCarthy Vows To ‘Destroy’ Gangs Involved

Michael Moore, who owns 9 homes, invites 1 Syrian “refugee” family to occupy tiny apartment

WATCH – Russia-Ukraine war explained – the real reason behind the war


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