Alberta Shuts Down Largest Homeschooling Group

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The government of the Canadian province of Alberta has shut down the state’s largest homeschooling association.  The state alleged vague failures of accounting, which the association vehemently refutes.  It is worth noting that Alberta, reliably Canada’s most conservative province, elected a socialist government last year when the conservative party split into feuding factions (hmmm…….).  The result has been disaster from head to foot.

Some readers think the homeschooling phenomenon slipped under the radar of the ruling elite, that they did not think it would ever be practiced by more than a relative handful of nuts.  Now that several million American families are choosing homeschooling and the movement continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the elite is starting to take notice and react to this existential threat.  Remember that Canadia tends to be 10 years or so ahead of the US in such matters (like pseudo-sodo-marriage that led to the…

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HILLARY: a Hillary Clinton HALLOWEEN “Election Rigging” & “Poll Rigging” documentary. ~Enjoy

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Published on Oct 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton: the VERY SPECIAL HILLARY HALLOWEEN documentary on Clinton Election Rigging, POLL RIGGING & FALSE POLLS — click here for G & N…

Good Day
Love you Trey….but yah gonna break that screen of yours! 🤓
TheJurg Profile
Anyone still voting for that Devil’s BITCH must be absolutely Braindead !!!


Belinda Odom
she is going down…and hopefully to prison!!!
Bill Cuthbert Iron Panda
May God help you over there in America, with many prayers from England.
+Mikey Meredith And don’t forget New World Order aka Borderless Globalization aka Oligarchical Tyrannical Governance.
FROM CANADA,,,,,,,,,,,LOCK HER UP………..
Hillary Clinton is paying audiences to attend her global warming fear porn rallies, all 311 of them. Meanwhile, Trump just pulled 31,000…

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Madness: climate ‘projections’ can now be used as evidence to list endangered species

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From the Center for Biological Diversity and the “data, we don’t need no steekin data!” department:

Appeals Court Reinstates Endangered Species Act Protections for Bearded Seals

Judges Cite Loss of Sea Ice, Predictions by ‘Overwhelming Majority of World’s Climate Scientists’

Bearded Seal pup (Erignathus barbatus) Photo: NOAA Bearded Seal pup (Erignathus barbatus) Photo: NOAA

ANCHORAGE, Alaska— A federal appeals court today upheld the National Marine Fisheries Service’s decision to protect bearded seals in Alaska as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling reverses a 2014 lower court decision that rejected the listing as speculative, but the judges today said the listing is supported by sound science predicting steady loss of the Arctic sea ice bearded seals need to survive.

Today’s decision offers bearded seals the protections they truly need, according to the Center for Biological Diversity, which petitioned to list the species in 2008 and intervened in the case to defend the…

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NJ priest charged with uploading child pornography to internet chat room

A Roman Catholic priest from New Jersey has been charged in Pennsylvania with uploading child pornography to an internet chat room. His lawyer is attacking the probe and says the priest will “vigorously” defend himself.The Rev. Kevin Gugliotta of Mahwah is charged with 20 counts of possession of child pornography and 20 counts of dissemination of child pornography. He was arrested last week in Toms River, New Jersey, and is being held pending extradition to Pennsylvania.

Source: NJ priest charged with uploading child pornography to internet chat room | New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

College Campus is not a safe space for young naive whites. Temple University student {female} nearly beaten to death by “teens.”

Resurgence Media Network

Irresponsible white parents continue to live in fantasy land, as they send their naive little brats (most of them women) off to university to have them get indoctrinated, acquire what amounts to a small mortgage of debt in exchange for a worthless piece of paper… as they attend football games, and get beaten, rapped or robbed on the way home.

Case in point, here’s the story of Christina Lauletta, a 19 year-old college student…


The father of a Temple University sophomore who was beaten by a roving teen mob last week said people “should draw their own conclusions” about whether the string of attacks against students and cops was racially motivated.

Joe Lauletta, 50, wrote on Facebook a day after the flash mob-style attacks that a group of 30 to 40 “black teenagers” assaulted his daughter, Christina, 19, and her two male friends on their way home from a Temple football…

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The Genocide of White America: 1980-2010


“In 1980, nearly half of U.S. counties — 1,412 of them — had populations that were almost exclusively (98 percent or more) white. Thirty years later, only 149 counties — fewer than five percent — fit that same description. 

(White Genocide Project)

The maps below chart this transformation, decade by decade.” Demographics shhhmemographics . . . anyone working in politics knows that if White people become a minority, it will be brought about mostly by government policies and actions.

In 1980, the following shaded counties were all 98% White or more.

In 2010 – the shaded counties are the few 98% or more White areas left.

We accuse anti-Whites of putting these policies in place because they want a White minority. We accuse them of White genocide.

When we say they want a minority, we are not saying that it is some hidden secret whispered by a group…

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