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Black Homosexual Racist Kills Straight White News Crew – The Totalitarian Left Blames Guns

Originally posted on Sword At-The-Ready:

Vester Flanagan killing

Let’s ban Rainbow Flags, shut down Gay Bars and criminalize black racism against Whites.  Two can play this game the Left created.

The racist black homosexual gunman said he was influenced by recent mass killers and wanted to start a Race War.  But all of that is being deliberately ignored by the mainstream Praetorian Marxist Media – who in concert with the Obama regime and The Party are blaming guns and our right to bear them as the cause.

Never letting a crisis go to waste and manufacturing yet another meme to deflect actual attention to the ideology motivation of the gunman, the march to ban guns from the hands of the American Public reaches new fervor in the wake of the on-air assassination of a news crew.

Vester Flanagan shooter.jpg

The fact is that Bryce Williams/Vester Flanagan was a pissed-off Homosexual Black Racist that hated Whites, had a history of pushing angry racial grievances everywhere…

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On-Air Shooting by Black Man Sparks Widespread Violence Among Whites

Originally posted on The Barbed Wire:

(The Barbed Wire) – In strong reaction to the on-air double murder of two white people at the hands of a gay, black racist, white America has become enraged and is lashing out with riots and setting things on fire because they know of no other way of dealing with such tragedy. The protesting acts are especially violent since the two white victims had committed no wrong, unlike in high-profile cases involving white on black violence where the black victims had resisted arrest, tried to kill a cop, etc., which led to their demise.

There have been reports of some whites starting fires in their BBQ grills which raged out of control until the charcoals turned gray. Later, they added meats that they cooked and fed their families with. The clean up cost from those fires is said to be in the single digits. There were also reports of forest…

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Anchor babies, birth tourism and China

Originally posted on Phil Ebersole's Blog:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the States wherein they reside.
              ==14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Yes, it’s true, as Donald Trump said, that there is such a thing as “anchor babies” or, to use a more polite term, “birth tourism,” and it also is true, as Jeb Bush said, that most come from China and other Asian countries, not Mexico.

anchorbabies-300x201Here’s how it works.  Chinese travel agencies arrange, for a fee, for Chinese couples to legally visit the United States and for the mother to give birth in a U.S. hospital.  Under the 14th Amendment, those children are U.S. citizens.  Under current U.S. law, those children, when they reach the age of 21, may apply for green cards for their parents to immigrate to the United…

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Say it Ain’t So: Bryce Williams Passed Background Check

The Grey Enigma:

….. h/t Brittius!

Originally posted on The Foxhole:

Hey gun grabbers, tell me again how “control” works.

From The National Review.

Buzzfeed confirms that the shooter passed a background check: Thomas Faison, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told BuzzFeed News Wednesday that investigators had recovered a Glock 19 pistol that belonged to Flanagan. Faison said the gun had been purchased “weeks ago,” and that he had apparently passed a required background check.

They pretty much always do.

Why does this matter? Well, because Terry McAuliffe today suggested that this incident showed the need for background checks on private sales. Because Hillary Clinton said that we need to “do something” — most likely extend the background check system. Because the White House once again proposed “sensible” gun control. Because a host of instant experts on social media suggested that if we Second Amendment advocates would get on board with reform, this could have been prevented.

And what do…

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My Crusade Against Psychiatry

Originally posted on WebInvestigatorKK:

Some people suffer a grievous injustice from the State. The injury inspires a lifelong mission to correct the injustice. Katherine Jaconello describes her crusade against the mental health establishment.

by Katherine Jaconello

In 2000, my mother was hospitalized, and then involuntarily committed — all because she had a dream of suicide while drugged!!

My mother had no history of psychiatric care. She was the main caregiver of my sick and elderly father. Her family doctor gave her a sleeping pill when she had pneumonia and she had side effects – a palpitating heart.

At the local hospital emergency, she was diagnosed with anxiety. She had NO SUICIDAL IDEATION. Not until doctors dosed her with the anaesthetic, chloral hydrate – contraindicated in elderly people with gastric problems like my Mom had.

She was held for five days until she finally had a dream of killing herself. Then the Dufferin County Mental…

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Most Orthodox Jews are Republicans and 11 other findings from Pew

Originally posted on News For The Blind:

NEW YORK (JTA) – Ever since the Pew Research Center released its landmark 2013 survey of U.S. Jewry, the study has become central to debates about everything from intermarriage to Jewish education. Now comes a new treasure trove of data from Pew about Orthodox Jews, extrapolated from the data amassed for the 2013 study (from 3,475 interviews with Jews conducted that year).

Though Orthodox Jews comprise only 10 percent of all American Jews, their share of the U.S. Jewish population is growing rapidly. And the implications are profound. “If the Orthodox grow as a share of U.S. Jews, they gradually could shift the profile of American Jews in several areas, including religious beliefs and practices, social and political views and demographic characteristics,” the new study says.

Here are some of the top findings in Pew’s new report, “A Portrait of American Orthodox Jews.”

About two-thirds of Orthodox Jews identify…

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Ruby Ridge 23rd Anniv. of Federal Killings

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I wonder how much controversy such a killing would excite nowadays. It is amazing how much further government prerogatives have stretched in the past two decades. And it is perhaps even more amazing how much more docile many Americans have become towards unmitigated government BS.

The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other MisfitsLest we forget.

I urge you all (especially you younger guys and gals that may not know much about this atrocity) to read this carefully. To me, it was an integral part of my “Great Awakening” when I came to realize that government was nothing more than a mafia like criminal organization.  — jtl, 419

by James Bovard via James Bovard


Combat Shooter's HandbookFederal killings at Ruby Ridge, Idaho began 23 years ago today. Below are some articles I wrote on this case in 1995. Also included is the counterattack on my Wall Street Journal piece from FBI director Louis Freeh, who claimed that I “grossly mischaracterized” the…

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