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82 Shot, 15 Dead in City with the Strictest Gun Laws in the United States

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Failed gun control laws continue to reach havoc on innocent populations

Inside the city limits of Chicago, not a single gun shop can be found — they’ve been outlawed. With is nearly 3 million residents, Chicago has the most stringent gun laws in the nation.

Gun laws were so strict, in fact, that in 2010, the US Supreme Court interveined saying the law was going to far. However, city lawmakers were able to “keep the ban” without “legally keeping the ban.”

The ban on assault rifles, a high-capacity magazine ban, and nowhere to purchase ammo makes Chicago one of the toughest places in the country to obtain a serviceable and firing weapon, legally.

With these strict laws, how on earth are there still guns in Chicago?

Gun violence in Chicago over the weekend reached near war zone proportions with 82 people being shot between 4 p.m. Thursday and 3:30 a.m…

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Welcome to Blackswansville, by James Howard Kunstler

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From Jame Howard Kunstler at
While the folks clogging the US tattoo parlors may not have noticed, things are beginning to look a little World War one-ish out there. Except the current blossoming world conflict is being fought not with massed troops and tanks but with interest rates and repayment schedules. Germany now dawdles in reply to the gauntlet slammed down Sunday in the Greek referendum (hell) “no” vote. Germany’s immediate strategy, it appears, is to apply some good old fashioned Teutonic todesfurcht — let the Greeks simmer in their own juices for a few days while depositors suck the dwindling cash reserves from the banks and the grocery store shelves empty out. Then what?

Nobody knows. And anything can happen.

One thing we ought to know: both sides in the current skirmish are fighting reality. The Germans foolishly insist that the Greek’s meet their debt obligations. The German’s…

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It Can Happen to Anyone

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I seriously think about whether I’m ever going to hook up with a crazy chick that will fuck up my life like that. Those crazy fucks are ruining things for men and women.

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CBS2 Exclusive: Police Say Paintball Shooter Is Targeting Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish Community

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police on Monday were looking for a man who targeted the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn with a paint ball gun, in what is suspected to be a hate crime.

As Ilana Gold reported, CBS2 obtained exclusive surveillance video of the incidents.

The problems started at 1:45 a.m. Monday, June 29, at the Bondo’s 24 supermarket at Lee Avenue and Rodney Street in Williamsburg, and surveillance cameras captured the scare.

A man is seen on the surveillance video wearing black and standing outside with a group. He suddenly flinches after hearing what he thought was a gunshot.

The men look up and realize a paintball hit the awning right above them.

“I was shocked that something like this could happen,” said supermarket owner Solomon Bondo.

Bondo cleaned up the green paint from the building. But the impact was so strong that it left a dent, and…

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Town of Babylon Proposes Permit For Yard/Garage Sales

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BABYLON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Cleaning out your clutter with a garage sale won’t likely be welcome anymore in the Town of Babylon.

The town wants homeowners to pay for a permit and is proposing  a new “sales of personal property” section to its code to regulate yard sales, also known as garage or tag sales, CBS2’s Emily Smith reports.

Gene McAdams spends a lot of time on his yard mowing and landscaping almost every day, but not everyone on Babylon pays the same attention to detail he does.

“There’s junk out in the guy’s front yard and every week or two he has garage sales,” McAdams said. “People running a junk yard from their front yard. That’s not conducive to the quality of life.”

This is why a new town code, expected to be approved, aims to put some regulations on garage sales. An ordinance will require homeowners to obtain a permit…

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You Do Realize That You Teach Your Kids How To Act?

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children parents
July 1, 2015 by dontlabelmykid1@twitter

I would say that most of us have felt this at some point or another. Maybe when there are 10 kids patiently waiting in line for something and there is always that one, pushing, shoving, calling names. You would think the parents were not around.

They are simply demonstrating what they see at home or what is tolerated at home. Its no secret that America has lost grip with what parenting is like.

islam dr nalk

I was even more disturbed to find out through the movie ” American Sniper” how many children are purposely put to death by given grenades to carry and told that allah would make them a hero.

Its a sick thing to put a kid in harm at home, or across the globe. Lately I have been seeing report after report of teachers, lawyers, even law enforcement busted for child porn and found…

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What better way to show the arrogance and stupidity of ideology-driven liberals.

In Seattle, Washington….(no surprise!!)

Earlier this month, reported on a high school in Seattle, Washington that is now implanting intrauterine devices (IUD), as well as other forms of birth control and doing so without parental knowledge or permission.

The IUD is known as a long acting reversible contraception, and may even act as an abortifacient. So, a young teen in Seattle can’t get a coke at her high school, but she can have a device implanted into her uterus, which can unknowingly kill her unborn child immediately after conception. Or, if she uses another method, she can increase her chances of health risks for herself, especially if using a new method.

The high school, Chief Sealth International, a public school, began offering the devices in 2010, made possible by a Medicaid program known as Take Charge and…

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