Alt Right 2016 – John Morgan, Greg Johnson, Daniel Friberg, Richard Spencer & RamzPaul | RedIceRadio

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For this roundtable, we bring together some notable and recognizable figures in the Alt Right scene. We begin by looking back on 2015, a year when we witnessed unprecedented chaos in Europe and a remarkable Western culture awakening.   We discuss how an array of events – from the refugee crisis in Europe, to the Ferguson and #blacklivesmatter riots in US, and the Paris attacks – all spurred on a mass realization that the tired left/liberal and mainstream conservative aphorisms and tactics have lost traction.

Richard speaks to the inspiring numbers of new people that are being “red-pilled” every day, which has resulted in a high demand for a completely new alternative to the bankrupt mainstream. We look at ways in which we can drive the Alt Right movement in a positive direction and offer a tangible vision for those who are craving something new. Greg describes how ideas coming out of the Alt Right, like the Cuckservative meme, are now driving mainstream debates, and Daniel emphasizes the importance of focusing on metapolitics as a means to shape a cultural cleanup. Then, we get into the differing concepts of White Nationalism and Ethno Nationalism, and whether or not Europe has something to learn from America in terms of racial identity, or if breaking up into separate, sovereign nations is the answer to the ages-old Western ethnic rivalry.

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