The ‘Dehousing Paper’ – the Real Extermination Policy – How to Murder 25 Million Germans and get away with it

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The British R.A.F. policy to murder at least a third of Germany’s civilian population and “Break their spirit” – manifested from the ‘Dehousing Paper’

On 30 March 1942, Professor Frederick LindemannBaron Cherwell, the British government’s Chief Scientific Adviser (appointed by Churchill), who wielded more influence than any other civilian adviser and was said to have “an almost pathological hatred for Germany, and an almost medieval desire for revenge” as part of his character – sent to the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a memorandum, which after it had been accepted by the Cabinet, became known as the ‘Dehousing Paper.’

The paper was delivered during a debate within the British government about the most effective use of the nation’s resources in waging war on Germany. Should the Royal Air Force (RAF) be reduced to allow more resources to go to the British Army and Royal…

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3 thoughts on “The ‘Dehousing Paper’ – the Real Extermination Policy – How to Murder 25 Million Germans and get away with it

  1. Rifleman III 09/24/2016 / 7:07 AM

    All things considered, Churchill had no other option but the course taken. Hitler had to understand the dire consequences of an aggressive war he waged. The memoirs of Churchill plus the official records prove it. How much less were casualties in nations where the Luftwaffe did the same exact thing prior to, the RAF/Allies having turned the tables? Rule One, should be that no white people should wage war against other white peoples. Europe was a mess from the mid-19th century, Germany having military ideas of conquest since 1865. War is nothing humorous and selectively presenting and/or omitting facts, is something that will cant historic facts, or we will end up with a re-write of history as we see liberal Marxists doing in school districts. The sum of that, will be, stupid people, who then are easily manipulated.


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