Pre-New Deal America | Woodpile Report

US politics are almost entirely a referendum on expanding, modifying, limiting or otherwise endorsing programs put in place by Congress between 1933 and 1936, during President Roosevelt’s first term, a body of collectivist twaddle called the New Deal. Among them are the FDIC, the FHA, the SEC, Social Security—which is in large part a welfare program with emphasis on the handicapped, the Surplus Commodities Program—now known as the Food Stamp Program, farm subsidies, the perpetually reinvoked Wealth Tax Act of 1935, and the National Labor Relations Act, since renamed, for a few, none of which are Constitutional, all of which are a tumor on the populace and a marrow-tap on the desiccated husk of our former republic.

Rather than recoil in horror from their crimes, rather than turn their face to the people in tearful supplication, rather than even minimal remorse and a mumbled apology, further insults have been inflicted to widen and deepen the New Deal, such as the Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Education, the Environment Protection Agency—one of Nixon’s bright ideas, the Departments of Energy and Homeland Security and other fascist claptrap with their thousands of agencies and sub-agencies whose real mandate is a feces fight with an unarmed populace.

Ask most so-called conservatives if they’re willing to go back to pre-New Deal America. The answer, shorn of its Clintonesque waffling, will be no. Therefore they are New Deal collectivists. No patriotic citizen of conscience will lend legitimacy to this farce by participating in their, formerly our, national elections. Punching the New Deal’s ticket every couple of years has no upside. Stay home on election day, spend it immersed in some guilty pleasure or another, vote for “None of the Above” and luxuriate in unblemished righteousness thereafter…

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