NJ: Fake cop, armed w/ gun, pulls woman over in Teaneck

The suspect: White male, 5 feet 9 inches and 170 pounds, with a thin build, dark eyes, and brown hair, he is in his 40’s.

TEANECK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — He had a gun, flashing lights on his car and claimed to be a cop, but real police in Bergen County said the man was a phony.  The suspect allegedly pulled a woman over with blue flashing lights and had a gun on his hip.It happened last Saturday around 11 a.m. on River Road and Deerbord Street. The woman knew something just wasn’t right. Police said the lights were the first giveaway. A vehicle with only blue flashing lights is not an official police officer.

He got out of his vehicle and approached her car, identified himself as a detective, and said that she was speeding,” said Teaneck police Detective Lt. Andrew McGurr… The quick-thinking woman took off, and police said she did the right thing.

“Our officers know what to do, that they are to identify themselves and if someone has a problem with that they will request a marked unit to respond to the location,” McGurr said.

Source: Fake Cop Pulls Woman Over In Teaneck, New Jersey

4 thoughts on “NJ: Fake cop, armed w/ gun, pulls woman over in Teaneck

    • The Grey Enigma 03/19/2016 / 8:44 AM

      Thank God this gal had her shit togther. This sort of shit is extremely troubling, destabilizing. Say what you will about police butlity, excessive force yadda yadda yadda…. the effect of the usurpation of legitimate use of force by police impersonators has ripples immediately.

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      • Rifleman III 03/19/2016 / 10:35 AM

        What is dangerous, is that too frequently, they work up the balls to do more. Maybe a carstop, then taking money (all cops then get the black eye), then maybe theft of property in a store or, the fake raid if they know where local dealers are, for money, and possibly a rape or access to gain confidence to commit murder. Never, anything good.
        Years ago, the problem was, when I used to make arrests for impersonations, the DA’s office, would play it down and not have an interest. It was “an isolated incident”… Until something extremely bad takes place, then, it becomes the cops’ fault. Even the courts, they accept time served systemized and a small fine or community service. The courts would ROR (Release on Own Recognance), but nothing to stop the arrestee from getting another faximily of a badge and doing the same thing all over, again.
        I hope over the years, that more attention is now given to the crime, and also, hopefully, NJ courts have a no nonsense stance with regard to the matter.
        I get wound up when I hear of this stuff and usually do not post as I get aggrevated. Years ago, some jerk did the very same thing in NYC and was taking money. All cops, were villified for corruption. No cop was allowed by judges to win any cases in traffic court or criminal court unless it had arrest evidence and a victim. This went on and discouraged many good police officers. Then, Highway Patrol, grabbed the rat bastard. Suddenly, everyone wanted to forget the damage done to morale, and to numerous traffic tickets, and court cases. I put it this way, twice, assholes resisted arrest, and were punched in the face, while resisting lawful arrest.

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