DHS Ammo Investigation | Brittius.com

DHS Ammo Investigation | Brittius.com
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Reportedly, there is being a request by a few members of Congress to look into alleged ammunition purchases by the Department of Homeland Security. Numbers are now alleged at two billion rounds of ammunition which is at this time, completely unsubstantiated, but people keep jacking up the numbers. This alone merits being looked into because the fear and panic it is creating has to either be proven or laid to rest as fear mongering, which is very dangerous to the peace of America. Why would people want to start a war in America? Some have demonstrated long ago that they qualify for a straight jacket and to be locked away in a rubber room. On the flip side of the coin, if it is merely an emotional plea to get people’s attention to make them aware of a dangerous situation, Congress needs to go the extra mile for once, and the Congressional underachieving slackers have to stop stuffing money into their pockets and have the DHS ammunition issue, investigated.

Something also to be looked into is a report that the Department of Homeland Security, has covertly graduated a Class, of alleged BROWN SHIRTS, to be used in conjunction with the black uniformed Hitler helmeted paramilitary units carrying those scary looking plastic boom-boom  sticks, better known as Assault Weapons. Citizens call them Personal Defense Weapons. I like the less than lethal offerings mounted in Walnut. I continue to not understand why DHS or any other law enforcement agency in America would need Citizen Killing Hollow Points or Citizen Killing “Imploding/Exploding” Bullets. My, oh my, this is too frightening for me.


One thought on “DHS Ammo Investigation | Brittius.com

  1. Wolfy 03/23/2013 / 7:20 PM

    It is frightening. But anything is possible now. Ugh.


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